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I want to thank you for making such a difference, in the quality of my life. When I came to you, I had been informed by a neurosurgeon that I had damaged two discs in my neck and would likely need surgery. It had become quite painful to tilt my head down in order to eat. Turning my head to the left hurt and turning it to the right was uncomfortable, so I found myself avoiding driving.

After a series of visits with you, I can drive and eat comfortably. Thanks to your treatments I am enjoying a range of motion and comfort levels I thought was never possible for me again. Thank you very much for helping me be myself and for being the caring person that you are.

—Karen C.

I used to suffer from severe headaches every day. I would see doctor after doctor and they would all say the same thing: "Take Advil or some prescription pain killers." One day, I went to see Dr. Strauss. He found some misalignments in my upper neck. After some adjustments, I began to feel better. Now, I only get some occasional headaches. Thank you Dr. John for making my life so much better.

—Gabriella H.

I was in a car accident last November. I went to the hospital and they said I had a minor whiplash. They gave me muscle relaxers and pain killers. It didn’t help. I couldn’t move or turn my neck. My friend recommended Dr. John Strauss. After a very thorough exam and x-rays, he found the problem and fixed it. Thank you Dr. Strauss for caring and treating me like a human being. I feel wonderful.

—Monica H.

I’ve had bruises, sprains, and broken bones which cause a lot of pain but I never knew what pain was until my back was injured. I sought professional help and found Dr. Strauss has helped me immensely. He diagnosed my problem and treated the injury, which has alleviated the pain. Covering up the pain with drugs is not the answer. Dr. Strauss treated the cause.

—John I.

After my car accident, I had lower back pain, numbness, and pain in one hand and general pain in the other. I saw a chiropractor in the town I was living in, and it helped, but not much. I moved to Gresham and started seeing Dr. Strauss and within a month I was much improved. He even spotted a leg length difference that no one else ever had.

—Dawn R.

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